About Us

CASE is a movement of young people and working families committed to achieving economic, social and immigrants’ justice in Arizona.  We are a grassroots organization led by our volunteer leaders, the majority of whom are young people trying to build a future in a State that currently provides them too few educational and economic opportunities.

We strive to increase civic and political participation among working families in Arizona.  We seek to end the scapegoating and political attacks against immigrant and refugee workers who came to Arizona in search of a better life for themselves and their families.  And we work to make sure jobs in Arizona’s fast-growing low-wage service industries pay enough so that workers in those industries can provide for their families.

  • Youth Leadership Development

    We at CASE believe that young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today.

  • Policy

    A key part of improving futures for Arizona working families is moving progressive policy, especially at the municipal level.

  • Civic Engagement

    We at CASE agree that the key to improving futures for working families is having a real voice at work and a voice in political affairs.

  • Workers’ Rights

    This is where you can place additional information on key points related to this topic, keeping things shorter if possible.

  • Immigration and Worker Center

    CASE’s Immigration and Worker Center was inaugurated in 2015 to help immigrant and refugee workers participate more fully in the economic and social life of our community.

  • Election 2016

    With so much at stake in this year’s Presidential Election, CASE will be stepping up our voter engagement efforts.

  • Naturalize Now!

    Today, there are over 550,000 legal permanent residents in Arizona, and more than 210,000 of them (38%) are currently eligible to become U.S. citizens.

  • Good Jobs PHX

    Quality jobs, with dignity and respect, in the hospitality industry can help create a genuine middle class in metropolitan Phoenix, and can help stabilize some of our most struggling communities.