Show Up 2020

With so much at stake in the 2020 Presidential election, CASE will be stepping up our voter engagement efforts. Between now and November of 2020, CASE will seek to exceed the 35,000 voter registration applications we collected during the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections. We believe that registering young voters, low-income voters, and voters of color is key to expanding democracy and economic opportunity for all Arizona’s families.
CASE changes futures for Arizona working families through 5 key strategies: youth leadership development; pursuing progressive municipal and state policies; expanding civic engagement, especially among immigrant and refugee families; and fighting for the rights of low-wage workers
To join us in our all out effort to register, educate, and turn people out to vote in the historic 2020 election contact us at

Naturalize Now

Today there are over 550,000 legal permanent residents in Arizona, and more than 210,000 of them (38%) are currently eligible to become U.S. citizens. A majority of those eligible to become citizens come from Mexico. We at CASE believe that to have the Arizona we want—one where all our cultures and people are respected and valued, more of our long-term residents must step up and demand all the rights afforded them by our constitution. To that end, CASE staff and volunteers conduct outreach to Valley residents and invite them to become citizens with the assistance of our Naturalization Assistance Program. Our Program offers application assistance, assistance in securing fee waivers and no interest loans to pay for the citizenship application, and civics and ESL classes for those who will need help passing the citizenship exam.
To join us in our effort to naturalize hundreds of valley residents over the next year, contact us at

Good Jobs PHX

For its entire history, Phoenix (or PHX) has been a world-class tourism destination, and the hospitality industry remains one of the most important economic drivers in Arizona. Unfortunately, those jobs tend to be difficult jobs that rarely pay enough to allow a worker with or without a family to pay their bills, secure adequate housing or afford quality health care.
Each year CASE engages in campaigns to raise standards for pay, benefits, and workplace safety in Arizona’s hospitality sector. We believe that hospitality jobs should be a source of pride for the people who work in them and for all those who believe that the Valley should provide the very best in customer service. Quality jobs with dignity and respect in the hospitality industry can help create a genuine middle class in metropolitan Phoenix, and can help stabilize some of our most struggling communities.