Good Jobs PHX

For its entire history, Phoenix (or PHX) has been a world-class tourism destination. Arizona’s hospitality industry was hit hard  by the 2008 recession and the boycott that followed the passage of the anti-immigrant law SB1070 in 2010. Yet the hospitality industry remains one of the most important economic drivers in Arizona. Since Arizona’s post-recession economy began adding jobs again in 2011, the leisure and hospitality sector has added more jobs than any other industry. Unfortunately, those jobs tend to be difficult jobs that hardly pay enough to live on. Work in housekeeping, custodial, and kitchen positions, especially, can be backbreaking, and can leave the mostly-immigrant and refugee workers who hold those jobs disabled at a very young age, with no savings or pension to sustain them when they can no longer work.

Each year CASE engages in campaigns to raise standards for pay, benefits, and workplace safety in Arizona’s hospitality sector. We believe that hospitality jobs, which cannot be moved to other countries and which have typically provided opportunities for workers to grow from entry-level to professional and management positions, should be a source of pride for the people who work in them and for all those who believe that the Valley should provide the very best in customer service. Quality jobs, with dignity and respect, in the hospitality industry can help create a genuine middle class in metropolitan Phoenix, and can help stabilize some of our most struggling communities.

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