Naturalize Now!

Today, there are over 550,000 legal permanent residents in Arizona, and more than 210,000 of them (38%) are currently eligible to become U.S. citizens. And a majority of those eligible to become citizens come from Mexico. We at CASE believe that to have the Arizona we want—one where all our cultures and people are respected and valued, more of our long-term residents must step up and demand all the rights afforded them by our constitution. To that end, CASE staff and volunteers will conduct outreach to thousands of Valley residents in 2018 and invite them to become citizens with the help of our new Immigration and Worker Center. Our center will offer application assistance, assistance in securing fee waivers and no interest loans to pay for the citizenship application, and civics and ESL classes for those who will need help passing the citizenship exam.

To join us in our effort to naturalize hundreds of valley residents over the next year, contact Center Coordinator Edwin Galan at