New Arizona Works

Fred The numbers describing Phoenix’s rapid population growth meet their human side in Arizona youth. Fewer than 40% of Arizona adults are native-born; they have come here from other states and countries, ready to work and sacrifice for the opportunity to create a better life for their children. However, their children are now young adults and the opportunities they expected to find aren’t there. These young Arizonans are fighting back by joining ranks with low-wage workers and CASE.

In 2014, we will remain a place where valley youth learn to organize, advocate at city and state government, speak publicly, and conduct door-to-door canvasses. As our young volunteers, leaders of the New Arizona, graduate high school and enter college, we will continue to provide them with the skills they need to make the Arizona Dream a reality by connecting them with leadership training, college preparation, job skills and good jobs. Our volunteers work to support themselves, their studies and their families, so access to quality jobs is crucial.