Individual Membership

CASE Individual members are hard-working, community-oriented folks committed to making Phoenix a better place to live and work. We are leading the way toward a New Arizona of equal opportunity and shared prosperity for ALL families in our state.

By pooling our time and our resources ($10 per month or $100 per year for the Individual Membership dues), we are taking our future in our own hands—striving to make our jobs good jobs, to create a real voice for our families and communities, and by building a network of mutual support.

Join us in our fight!

Individual Level Members will receive:

  • Leadership Training  (Media & Public Speaking, Political Campaigning,  Respect on the Job)
  • Access to CASE computer lab
  • Interview skills workshops
  • Meet local political allies
  • Assistance applying for Obamacare
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Discounts on movie passes, amusement parks
  • Invitations to actions
  • Monthly Email Newsletters
  • Opportunity to participate in the CASE Advisory Board
  • Discounted tickets to CASE’s 2015 Gala Reception & Awards Ceremony

Join us in our fight!