Labor Day 2011: Underemployment and Poverty in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

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A sign reads "We Need Good Jobs NOW!" at an AFL-CIO rally in 2012An Analysis of the 2010 American Community Survey Provided by the US Census Bureau

Major Findings:

  • Persisting Poverty: More than 672, 299 people in the Phoenix area are living below the federal poverty threshold
  • Poverty in Phoenix is Deepening: The number of Phoenix Metro residents living in poverty has increased last year by 25,000, raising the region’s poverty level to 16.2%.
  • Racial Disparity: With a poverty rate between 25% and 28%, African Americans and Latinos are 2-3 times more likely to experience poverty than whites in Phoenix (10%).
  • More Working People Slipping into Poverty: 40.2% of adults living below the poverty line have held a full or part-time job over the past year.

Download the 2011 Poverty Report (PDF)