We at CASE believe that young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today.  Our commitment to developing those leaders began in 2012, when CASE organizers formed part of a team that recruited 4,000 high school students into 25 school-based teams that collected more than 34,000 new voter registration applications in largely-Latino neighborhoods across Maricopa County.  Since then, our independent teams of young people have:

  • Knocked on over 600,000 doors in an effort to raise voter participation in Phoenix municipal elections, to pass a $31.5 billion expansion of public transportation to low-income neighborhoods in South and West Phoenix; and to educate voters in Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona about the importance of non-discrimination ordinances to protect the rights of LGBT community members at work and in public facilities.
  • Demonstrated against education cuts at the state capital.
  • Rallied in support of immigrant housekeepers, fast-food workers, supermarket workers, and airport food-service workers engaged in fights for dignity and respect in their workplace.
  • Conducted outreach and application assistance to encourage immigrant service workers throughout Maricopa county to become U.S. Citizens and/or to take advantage of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Today, high-school and college-age leaders drive the majority of CASE’s programs as workplace outreach interns, community canvassers, canvass field directors, youth organizers, and neighborhood team leaders.

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